About Us

The Kansas Vaccine Institute (KVI) is a new, interactive biotechnology center housed within the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Kansas.

Vaccination is perhaps the most effective measure for preventing infectious diseases.  Vaccines come in many forms and teach the immune system to fight a natural infection.  Some are live attenuated, others are non-toxic toxins.  These vaccines may require one injection followed by a booster while others require a yearly injection. As the incidence of antibiotic resistance increases and the creation of new effective antimicrobial agents remains at a standstill, it becomes important to create new vaccines in a balanced disease prevention strategy.

The goal of the KVI is to build upon leads on new and novel vaccine and determine their feasibility for improving human and animal health. This will include partnering with the basic research scientists and regional biotechnology companies to create viable vaccine formulations that can be tested for determining efficacy, optimizing routes of administration, and determining correlates of protection.

Multidisciplinary Research Building at sundown
Multidisciplinary Research Building